House rental

House rental

The rental process and frequently asked questions

How can I apply for a rental house?

  • The current offer of our rental properties can be found on our website and Funda. Here you can find all the information about the house and view the photo's. In the text you can always find the income requirement and other housing-specific information.
  • If you meet the rental conditions, you can respond to the accomodation. Please note that requests for viewings must be submitted by e-mail.
  • We will contact you within two working days after you submit your request. You will receive a registration form and associated infromation.
  • You can complete the registration form and supply all requested documents and return to us by mail. Please note that only complete applications will be reviewed.
  • A response to your registration will be sent to you within five working days.
  • Are all your documents complete and are you a potential candidate? Then we will contact you to schedule a viewing.
  • During the viewing you can make a tour through the property with our rental broker.
  • Once you have agreed to the property after the viewing, we will contact the owner or landlord of the house to arrange your registration. If they also agree to your registration, we will draw up an rental agreement.
  • You will receive the rental contract, where you can see all the information. You must sign this agreement.
  • On the day of key handover we do an inspection. Congratulations! The property is yours now.

Viewings & registrations

The answer is no. Unfortunately we do not offer a search service. We advise you to keep a close eye on our website. We present the latest rental offer in the Arnhem region here. Click here to view the current rental offer.

You can find our properties via this link. Via the property advertisement you can request information for that property by clicking on the green button 'Maak een afspraak'. You will receive all the necessary information, including the registration form for the property, within 1-2 working days. You can fill out this registration form completely and send it back to us by e-mail.

A registration for a rental property consists of the registration form including all requested documents. We will process your registration as soon as possible. You will receive a response from us within 5 working days.

A landlord's statement only applies if your current home is a rental home. In this landlord statement, your current landlord assesses your payment history and rental behaviour. You can request this landlord's statement from your current landlord or manager. It is wise to request this landlord statement in advance, so that you do not have to wait for it later.

Please note: a landlord's statement may often not be older than one month.

This depends on several factors. Each owner has their own rental conditions. Most of these conditions can be found in the description of the property. When you submit a viewing request, we will inform you extensively about the property-specific rental conditions within 1 to 2 working days.

We work for different owners, each with their own income requirements. In broad terms, your fixed gross monthly income is taken into account, including any 13th month. Holiday pay is usually not included. In addition to the fixed gross monthly income, part of the variable income components is often included. Think of overtime, irregularity allowance and bonuses.

You can find our current rental properties on our website. When you see a suitable home, you can leave your contact details via the green button 'Maak een afspraak'. Your application will be processed within 1 to 2 working days and we will explain the further process. This can differ per home.

Each owner has its own terms and conditions. Via this link you can find our standard registration form, including a checklist with the most requested documents. Please note: different documents can be requested per property.

An employer's statement is a document in which your employer confirms the current situation of your employment and income. You can request this employer's statement from your employer. It is wise to request this employer's statement in good time, so that you do not have to wait for it later and you can complete a registration for a rental property faster/easier.

Please note: an employer's statement may often not be older than one month.

This is a document in which your residential history is stated. You can request this document from your current municipality. Please note that before you register for a rental property, you request a BRP with residential history.

Different income requirements apply to different rental properties, these are always stated in our descriptions of the properties. Usually the highest income counts in full and the second income counts for 50%. However, this can differ per home. Therefore, always read the description of the property carefully before posting a comment.

For each home owner, various documents are requested from their freelancers. Freelancers must at all times submit the annual figures for two full financial years. In addition, you are often asked for the most recent income tax return and a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

General rental questions

Renting a home via us is free of charge.

Unfortunately, we do not offer homes where rent subsidy is possible.

In general, pets are rarely allowed in apartment complexes. Pets are often allowed in single-family homes. The possibility of keeping pets can be found in the description of the houses. When pets are not allowed, this is explicitly stated in the text.

A minimum rental period is agreed in many rental agreements. During this minimum rental period, you cannot cancel the rental. After the expiry of this minimum rental period, you can cancel your rental with the administrator. Often a notice period of one calendar month applies. You can find the contact details of your manager in the rental agreement.

The homes of BMV Makelaars are mainly located in the middle and high segment. Unfortunately, we can therefore rarely offer a home to home sharers. If this is possible, this will always be stated in the description of the property on the website.

The homes of BMV Makelaars are mainly located in the middle and high segment. Unfortunately, we can therefore rarely offer a home to students. If this is possible, this will always be stated in the description of the property.

Depending on the defects, a tenant or landlord is obliged to repair them. An overview of common defects can be found on this website of the Dutch government. This overview states whether the costs are for you as a tenant or for your landlord. If a landlord needs to repair defects, you can contact your manager. The contact details of the manager are stated in the rental agreement.

Rental costs

Transparency is important. That is why we always state all costs in the advertisements placed. So also the additional costs, such as: service costs, utilities and, for example, deposit. This way you will not be faced with any surprises.

Energy and water
Costs for consumption of water, gas, electricity or other energy, including heating costs without own meter.

Costs of the caretaker such as salary, housing and materials. This concerns cleaning, maintenance and minor repairs.

Administration costs of agreed delivery and services. In general, this is a maximum of 5% of the total service costs.

A fee for the use of furniture and furnishings.

All costs of cleaning and repair work that are for the account of the tenant. Costs for communal areas: costs for water, lighting, heating. Also inventory for areas such as corridors, stairs, elevator, storage / bicycle shed, hobby room and courtyard.

The following costs are covered by utilities:

Energy and water
Costs for consumption of water, gas, electricity or other energy including heating costs with own meter. You pay the costs incurred for individual meters/use.

Which usage costs are not covered by utility service costs?

  • Taxes and Duties. The landlord can pass on certain costs and levies to you, but not via the service costs.
  • Maintenance costs and repairs that are borne by the lessor, such as major maintenance.
  • Healthcare service costs, such as costs for meal provision, nursing and alarm service.

The costs for supplies and services that are charged on top of the basic rent are called service costs. The costs are, for example, for clean barge, garden maintenance, upholstery and furniture. The costs for consumption of water, gas, electricity and heating costs (if the tenant does not have his own meter) are also included in the service costs.

In this context, utility costs are costs for gas, electricity and water for which the tenant does have his own meter.

If no distinction is made in the lease between the rent, service costs and utilities, this is referred to as an all-in price.

Annual overview
As a tenant you should receive an overview of the service costs every year. Also the costs for utilities if the tenant does not have his own meter.

A landlord may ask for a deposit. A deposit serves as security for the landlord in the event of payment arrears or to compensate for damage caused to the property by the tenant. If the rental agreement is terminated, the landlord must repay the deposit if there are no payment arrears and no damage has been caused to the property.

When paying the deposit it is advisable to ask for proof of payment.

The guideline for a deposit is a maximum of 3 months basic rent.